Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time Is But A Vapor

January 2010

I was finally getting to the end of my recovery. I was actually able to blow dry my hair without feeling like I was going to pass out! Wonderful thing! I was thankful that God gave me the strength to ring in the New Years as we always do. The past 3 years The Revelators and us - The Kellys - do a southern gospel singing at Good Hope Baptist Church in Chilton, Alabama. For the last 3 years before we would go to the church Andrew's family and my family would get together and have dinner. That happened again and we had a wondeful time. Then we all headed to the church, including my grandparents from South Carolina. We start singing at 7, take a and munch on good food...go back into the sanctuary, and sing some more. It is an awesome time of fellowship and such an amazing way to ring in the new year...with other Christians, but most of all with Jesus! I rested up the entire day so I was able to make it through the singing :)! Thank you Jesus! :)

January I was also able to go back to work at the hospital! I was so excited to be welcomed back with such kindness! My Director of Nursing Mrs. Karen Coleman is a saint. For her to always check on me and put up with me (and my little lurking disease) ...she will truly be blessed for taking such care of me!

6th - Nathan, Andrew's brother's, my brother in law's Birthday!
14th - My angel turned 22!
16th - Andrew and I gave Adriana and Andrew their wedding shower!

Hope and Nathan came down so we had the boys cakes
and gave them a little birthday together at my house!

Me & Hope with the boy's cakes!
They are SO SPOILED! :)
but we like to spoil them!

This was actually on Andrew's birthday. I made him a french vanilla
cake with sprinkles! I also fixed his shrimp salad.
He was a happy boy @ the age of 22

February 2010

Everything was going pretty good. I had my good and bad days. Also, I was going to physical therapy for my hip. I never mentioned about my hip previously, but it started after I was diagnosed. My hip would dislocate and I would have to pop it back in. It would cause terrible bad pain, but physical therapy was starting to help with that. I also bought the shape-up Sketchers to try to help...which they actually kind of did! Like I said good days bad days. Joint pain, stiffness, problems is part of Crohns.

Also throughout these two months I was having a lot on me emotionally. I was trying to learn how to deal with the to cope with it. I was trying to learn its ways and learn how I was going to learn to live with it. I had to now realize that this was a part of me for the rest of my life.

How can I forget! On top of all this chaos and drama my best friend since the age of 9 was getting married! Adriana Watson would wed Andrew Bailey! She was afraid in the fall of 2009 that I would not be able to be her maid of honor with everything going on, but I couldn't have missed her big day!

10th - Andrew Bailey's 21! Happy Birthday!
12th - Adriana turned 21! Happy Birthday

14th - Valentines Day! We went to Andrew's church that night. Hope and Nathan came down too! The church put on a dinner and my family -The Kellys- sang for the night! It was a Valentine's Banquet. It was so nice to be in the Lord's house on this special day because, CHRIST IS LOVE!

20th - Adriana and Andrew got married! I was her maid of honor and Andrew was a groomsmen. It was a beautiful wedding and of course I cried like I baby!

So I was coming to term with Alli+Crohns...and we were starting to get I thought...haha

...Was not prepared for what was about to happen the next month.

Nathan (Bubba) Hope Me and Andrew @ Andrew's house
after the Valentine's Banquet/Singing @ his church!

My Daddy & Mommy after the singing!

Andrew and Adriana hugging @ the wedding!
I absolutely love this picture. Since she is my sissy
:) Andrew has adopted her as his sister and he is her Bubba! :)

This picture is worth a thousand words. She has been
with me through everything and this was the day she got married.
This was right after the many emotions! We love them!

A-Quad! :) Andrew Andrew Adriana and Me!
We are the A-Quad haha!

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