Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boom Boom Pow

So I know you have been keeping up with me the last few days! No sympathy needed just telling truth, I have felt terrible every single day this week. I posted the picture of the other night of my stomach swelling. Evidently my Crohns is just mad or aggravated or something. I truly think it is the Crohns trying to adapt or get used to the Remicade. Like I have told you before Remicade is a very complex drug. It is very similar to chemo...only difference being my hair won't fall out. Actually I have even read where cancer patients take Remicade. My tum-tum has continued swelling everyday leaving me miserable. Tonight when I went to go talk to my mom I was showing her my stomach. Well when I lifted my shirt it was bulged on the right side and indented on the left. Well when she looked it was crazy, but it swapped and did like a roll then it was bulged on the left side and indented on the right side.

I have also continued to get nauseated along with the pain and cramping in my stomach...the cramps/pains are unbearable. I even do this thing now to where it's as though I have no control of my body. My intestines will start cramping and it causes my body to contract and I actually have body spasms. We were laying on the couch today and I asked Andrew just to rub his hand lightly over my tummy. I was trying to find anything to make it feel better. Well I just immediately started having spasms and jerking and flinching. Andrew used to just look at me, but he has even gotten used to them.

I have my second treatment tomorrow. I'm trying to prepare myself mentally for it because I know it's going to be another recovery all over again. That's ok though...I know I have to get my body to accumulate to this drug and if it takes time I have plenty of that. To be honest's really just not that much fun. Well some of you already know, but from now on Home Health will be coming to my home to give me my infusion treatments. Dr. Rodriguez and Amity contacted Jackson Home Health and a company somewhere around Mobile that would supply the Remicade.

Now for my time of praise to my one and only Jesus! First off Remicade is expensive. I cried when I found out I had to get on Remicade just because of the cost. Each treatment not including the supplies is $2,500 dollars. Now that is $2,500 every two months. Well our insurance deductible is almost reached because of surgeries and doctor visits all this year. Well I get a phone call today from the Remicade company. Before this mom and I had figured that maybe we would be paying about $400 out of our pocket every two months for the Remicade...that was just a guesstimate. Well on the phone the lady said that she had talked to the insurance and they were going to pay everything except 15%. Well we knew that and that's what we had figured. After she said that she followed with...well you all only have $500 left and your deductible is fully reached...pause...after that insurance is going to cover 100 PERCENT! THAT MEANS INSURANCE WILL PAY FOR EVERYTHING! Do you realize how many people have to pay for Remicade. Well one it scared me because it let me know my condition was very serious...but I didn't care. GOD HAD BLESSED ME....AGAIN! He always blesses me...He never stops blessing me!

I couldn't believe it when she told me...I had to repeat it like six times...she must have thought I was literally dumb...because it was repeated SIX TIMES! again...JESUS BLESSES ME AGAIN IN THE SAME DAY! I call Home Health. I talk to the lady in the office and told her that the Theresa lady who was supposed to be coming to do my infusion Friday had not got in touch with me. Now I don't know a Theresa. I do however know a Mrs. Rene. I remember telling my mom "I wish Mrs. Rene could give me my treatment." Well I had already been told that Theresa would be. Well on the phone the lady said that Mrs. Rene would be calling me about the treatment. I remember being a little dumbfounded like "WhaHUH?"

Well Mrs. Rene contacted me later and she told me that she had talked to Amity. Mrs. Rene was wanting to give me my infusions and she was taking off Friday. Amity had told her that it would be ok to do the infusion either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Mrs. Rene told me that she could Thursday. I was so excited...GOD BLESSED ME AGAIN! I told her that I had been hoping that all along. Mrs. Rene is a woman of God. She had helped on the surgery when I was 18...(I'm going to tell that in the special question answer post I'm preparing for you all). Other than that Mrs. Rene and I have always had such a special bond and such a sweet friendship founded on Christ. So to have someone that loves first God and second me...why wouldn't I want her to give me my treatment! All I have to say is I may feel terrible, but I am so happy. I am so happy that even through the storm My God Loves me SO MUCH to Bless Me in NUMEROUS WAYS!

Now for my update of pictures...this is very ugly of my tummy but as I said...I'm telling my story and I shall hold nothing I want you to look at my face my arms...I'm not a big girl...that tummy is not in proportion LOL at all!!!

Gotta love the indent the POOCH!

My oh well face :)

Haha...I told Andrew to take this picture because
I wanted to make the monster face because I felt like
I had a monster in my belly! haha! He was like huh?!

Me and My Sweetie who doesn't know to look!

Andrew made his heart around my port...haha!
We thought it was funny!


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  2. You are so sweet Jamie! I absolutely love you! Did you see the ones in the post below...that was a PERFECT angle! As far as blessings..yes many! I just spent a bunch of time going through and re-editing everything! Like I said God had just motivated me to get this done and I went crazy fast doing it. :)! I love you and you are precious to me! I haven't gone to bed yet...which I needed to because of treatment in the am...but my stomach is killing me. I will catch you up with tomorrow as soon as I can! Love you girl! XOXO

  3. Thanks for posting the heart just for me! I think it's so sweet! As you can see I'm awake at "well whatever time it is" and cannot sleep because of this Endo and IC battling it out for control of my body! But I will not let them defeat me! I've got the armour of the Lord on my shoulders and I can handle whatever comes my way! But I sure do wish I could be sleeping right about now. :( Hope you are having a better night than me! Love you!

  4. I'm so sorry sweet girl! I actually was able to go to sleep. Didn't go to sleep til 2 but that is better than yesterady at 5. so I will take the extra three hours! I love you and I know you will fight this. The armour of God is indestructable as well as our friendship :) you have your little soldier helping to! I love you!