Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I weigh 115 and I look Pregnant...Thanks Crohns!

April 12, 2010

Day started ok. Didn't feel the greatest, but didn't feel the worst. Brianna had said that she was going to come over so I was excited about that. Andrew was already over. We just relaxed. I didn't have the energy to do anything really, so I just scrunched my hair and let it go its natural which is curly...then I threw it up in a ribbon! :)

Well later that day Brianna came over. Mom was tired from work so we decided we would fix supper for her. We had decided on what I call Barbie Teacups :)! Mrs. Krista used to make them for Candace and I all the time when we were little. So Brianna, Andrew, and I went to the kitchen to let mom relax. Just so you know which you already do because I say it all the time, but I had the most amazing best friends and most amazing man.

They were helping me cook since they know my strength is not the greatest right now. Well Bri and I started browning the meat and Andrew decided to take a photoshoot...haha! I told him to take some pictures not a pictures that can be put together to make a literal movie...haha! Well we got everything finished and put some fries on and had supper together. It was yummo. After that Brianna and I talked for a good while. We always talk about things in we feel about them...what we feel like God is leading us today. It's so nice to have Christian friends that you can always take everything back to Christ and His plans and His desires for your life. Our wants and our needs need to be in line with His.

So after Brianna left Andrew and I just rested on the couch. I told him I wasn't feeling that great. My joints started aching...especially my spine and shoulders. He tried to help rub it out, but it didn't work. When he started to leave I still was feeling terrible and my stomach was starting to swell really bad. I started feeling nauseous and to the point of just laying down and giving out. I finally went to bed.

Now this is all in the same day...wish I would have had a picture of my stomach from earlier that day...but I do have the pictures with Bri and you can see that I'm not swollen almost just skinny looking...and them boom...STOMACH HUGE!

Not Ready! haha!

Still not ready! hah!

Well Ready, but I'm silly!

She was making me laugh! :)

Cooking! Cooking! MMMM!

Now are you I cropped a picture so you could see what I went from to what I went to...


After! This is a little blurry you can even
see the veins bulge slightly!

Another shot...this is what my tummy does.
It's really not fun, and doesn't feel good
at all! Little peak now into my world.

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