Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sweet Day!

April 7 - My Mommy's Birthday! Jamee Kelly turned 62 years old...I say that proudly
because she #1 is absolutely beautiful and amazing and #2 does not look
her age!

So that morning Becky and Janice were going to surprise her. Becky had her come into that work that morning. Well Becky's sister Tammy came and turned the house upside down cleaning and did an amazing job. So she left and I kept it picked up till mom would see it later on. At lunch Janice came by and made something and put it in the crock-pot so it would be ready for supper. She just told me to watch it and stir and all that good stuff.

Well before mom got home I had pulled the chicken off the bone in the crockpot...had it stirred and ready. Heated the green beans up...and put the rolls that they had also got in the oven. Also! I had been working on a cake! I decided to do my first four layer cake! :) I made two strawberry layers and two vanilla layers. Andrew had come and brought me the vanilla frosting and we were excited. We had already given her her birthday present gift early. Andrew and I had bought her a pressure washer. She has been wanting one forever.

So when she got home she was all excited she new the house was clean and I took her through each room. I then showed her the food they had done and told her about the entire sneak behind. At that time Andrew and I had the cake in the refrigerator hidden! Well of course she had to call Becky and Janice because she was all excited. After that we had the dinner and it was excellent! Well dad when to play his music and mom ran to check her facebook. So andrew and I get the cake.

Daddy and all of us sang to her and she blew out her candles. We were so excited to eat it and thats when the fun began! :) We had a great day with her and I'm so blessed God gave her another year! :)


The cake that I made for mom!

Mom blowing out her candles!

This is Mr. Miyagi! He is our sweet puppy!
He was sad because it was not his birthday but
he got some cake! :)

Me and Mommy with her cake!

Andrew and Mommy! He is her little boy :)

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