Thursday, May 13, 2010

Third Treatment

Ok, now how funny is this. Mrs. Rene had told me she was coming over. In my head I was thinking's time for my flush. Well she said we were waiting for the medicine. I WAS GETTING MY THIRD TREATMENT! I had told my mom yesterday "Mom...I can't tell the treatments are working, but it's like my body is ready for one." In the last post I was talking about how bad and crazy things have been getting...well along with those things the biggest sign is I get terrible headaches and can't's like my body is ready. So again this morning I told my mom the same thing. So when I found out it was my third treatment...I was happy in the sense that my body would get what it wanted, but not happy in the sense because I know what the treatments do to me.

I had searched on youtube and mom and I had found a few videos of Remicade infusions...I was like hmm...I want to try this. I didn't actually film during the treatment because Mrs. Rene and I had too much to talk about, but I did film the prep and start of the treatment and after the treatment. IT IS AMAZING THE DIFFERENCE!!! Dad and I compared my eyes and after the treatment they are completely black and face, under my chin, my neck...all is swollen. I'm teling you...this stuff is serious! I just wanted you all to have another true look into my little world! Not for my sympathy...heavens no...remember that this blog is my testimony for the One who loves me more than anyone ever could. This is for my that everyone can see that yes, trials may come, but He is the only way to get through them! He will bring you out of them...and if He doesn't right is ok...the Bible says that on Earth we will be persecuted...this is not my heaven nor will it ever be. I will go to my perfect place when I am away from this earth. Sorry I got off on a sermon...just reminding you this story is dedicated to My Jesus...because He is the only reason I am still here as of right now. Too many close I guess you can say Allison Kelly is a miracle. -that really makes me smile...even in my physical pain and emotional strain right makes me smile-

On the videos it may be hard to hear everything and I apologize...just cut up your volume and listen listen. This is getting my port, prepping my port-making it sterile, accessing the port, flushing it with saline and heparin (blood thinner), and then getting the Remicade hooked and connected, and lastly connecting the Remicade to the IV Pump and programming it to do its job. This infusion treatment lasted about 3 hours all together. Again Mrs. Rene is my nurse. She wasn't even working today, but worked a half just to do my treatment. I tell her she is my angel from My Jesus :)! During the infusion you feel the Remicade going can even smell and taste it almost. You first begin to feel the exhaustion -that was about 45 minutes in this time. Started swelling about 30 minutes in along with the throat so I chugged some Benadryl. About an hour into it the pains of the joints started to I took my Darvocet. I had forgotten to take the two before the treatment because ummm I was retarded and thought it was a flush...remember :) lol. after treatment she flushes port again with saline...then with heparin...and discontinues it and covers it with gauze. Although it is a noncoring needle which means it seals up as the needle is pulled out...blood still can seep out with the discarding of the needle. So that is the process and here are the two videos.


  1. Aww...I so wish you lived closer to me. I am going through some tough times now, as well. Crohn's sucks! I hate it : (

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  3. Kelly - I know! and as far as living closer...that would be so nice. we could get our treatments together and bad talk the crohn's! haha! all I can say is for some reason we have the burden to carry and thank God that we both have Christ to put our faith and trust in. Although its terrible, sometimes I feel proud because I'm like ok God...I can do this, because you did that for me! and I'm going to praise you through this to show others how loving and powerful you are to give this strength! but before you say that and get to think straight from headaches you are crying and upset lol and curse crohn's!

    Jamie - Thank you. I almost couldn't post it because it was so much just for me watching it back. It was hard this time just because I was alone...Andrew felt so bad for leaving but he had a meeting for his car and it had kept getting put off. Bless his heart he had tears in his eyes. My dad ended up coming home a little early because he was that made it better. and as for your first sentence...that is the reason why I did post because people don't see and they need to. Not because of me...but to see the reality of what it does. I love you!