Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Don't Think May Likes Me

So my life has been just a little crazy lately. Last Wednesday I had gone to the store to help them for just a little. When I went to leave I ended up getting in a wreck. I was driving down Forest Avenue and a lady pretty much ran through a stop sign. There was nothing I could do so we t-boned. Thank the sweet Lord that I was in my mother's suburban because it saved my life. (1-Lady had suspended license for 13 years and 2-was uninsured). Well the wreck threw my Crohn's into a crazy. As you all know it is an autoimmune disease, but it is also an inflammatory disease. So the wreck set it OFF! I wasn't going to go in the ER, but one of my neighbors told me I needed to...he knew how bad my Crohn's was and was worried about my port and all.

So go to the ER. When we were sitting in there I said "Ok God...I know everything happens for a reason...I may not understand, but I love you God and I am not mad." I then thanked Him for keeping me safe. I won't get into all of the ER business because I won't be very nice about it all. Good part however is that I will say that I pretty much got anti-inflammatoried up (that is a made up word by me and I like it so there)-I got Decadron and Toradol- As of today my left knee and right ankle are still bruised and bothering me, but they are getting better. My tummy on the other hand has been as mean as can be. I don't know what it's like to have a flat stomach anymore. The last two weeks it has swollen to the size of 9 months lie...and will refuse to de-swell...yet again another made up word.

Haha - let's back track for two seconds. After the wreck I was in a pretty good state of shock. So mother and I are sitting in the room and I said "Well Mom, I MUST be doing something right as a Christian, because Satan is just after me!" We both started laughing and just nodded. -sweet Mommy daughter sad/upset/funny moment...priceless- a lot has been going on with my stomach. I'm talking about a wide range...I will name - swelling, burning, rolling, stabbing pains, throbbing pains, spasms to the point you can see them -it looks like a baby kicking-, sinking in on one side and swelling on other- EVERYTHING it can is doing. So that is kind of just short case of all of that. Now for a little deeper we shall talk about a few days.

Saturday - Relay for Life. I woke up feeling TERRIBLE. I don't even think that word describes. I couldn't eat. My stomach would get nauseated at the word. My stomach was killing me and my family and I had to sing. Get up to the park and I'm still feeling terrible. Still couldn't get anything in my stomach. I kept gagging like I was going to throw up, but didn't have anything to come up. It was like dry heaves all day. I kept sipping on coke trying to settle. Finally I started feeling slightly better mid day and finally was able to put something in my stomach around 5. Not good day, but Relay for Life was amazing. We got to spend time with our friends the Revelators!

Yesterday - Woke up...went into store to do a few monograms. About 9:30 I ran out of the office into the bathroom and threw up. Number one I hadn't had anything to it was nothing but acid and came out in foam. I am so not joking. I threw up two more times and it had green this time so I knew I was to the bottom of my stomach and it was bile. I was so thankful that unlike the other time I didn't throw up stool. Well after that mom tried to get me to eat, but I couldn't. I felt terrible. I just started crying and Mrs. Janice came in and hugged me. So about an hour later I run as fast as I can to the bathroom again, but this time I had to do the other. completely emptied out and still don't feel well enough to eat. Around 12:30 Andrew came to get me and we went somewhere to eat lunch...I attempted and was able to get a little down. Went back to the store to monogram a few more things. My throat started swelling up. I was like oh I grabbed the Benadryl and took two. Well it was to the point I was having trouble breathing so Andrew and I rushed home. When we got home I was headed to get the liquid Benadryl to take some more, but I ran to the bathroom and started gagging again. I wasn't able to get hardly anything up except acid again. I stayed in there for a little while then Andrew got me to take some more Benadryl. Didn't get much sleep at all.

Will post today's actual blog in another post...just catching everyone up!

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